12 valve injector return line torque

• the two control valve bolts. SoCal Diesel LMM Billet Injector Clamps, 32 lb ft. Crank the engine until fuel is observed at the #1 injector. ARP 12mm Head Studs ARP 12mm 625 Material Head Studs #230-4202, 150 lb ft Turbocharger Oil Return Pipe Stud, 89 lb in Valve Rocker Arm Cover Bolt– Upper, 71 lb in (Two Times). Banjo Fittings - Fuel Return Lines, 24, 18. Rechecking the return flow rate, rail pressure, or trying to start the engine can identify a leaking connector tube or injector. Part# 3924726. 2 kg–m pump bolts and nuts 7. Pump was removed from a good running engine that was parted out. Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Central Closed Saturday and Sunday info@dfi-performance. Note from Vaughn MacKenzie: The torque value for the fuel line nuts is 28ft/lbs which Cummins says is  2001 – 2004. • return line (4). The next common area for air leaks on both the 6. Connect the J-48708-2 line (1) to the W470589209101 injector amplifier return flow test adaptor, and the J48708-4 line (2) to the W470589209104 injector needle return flow test adaptor. 12. Find the highest quality diesel engine fueling components for your 2nd Gen 12 valve Cummins diesel truck. . Bosch P 7100 fuel injector pump removed from a 1995 12 v Dodge Cummins 5. 9L Dodge 12 Valve Injector Return Line Kit Duramax LLY 10: Disconnect fuel rail supply line. Description: Bosch 90 Degree Fuel Injector Return Line Fitting (Leak Back "L" Fitting) Bosch 047-100 Fuel Injector Return Line T-Fitting (Leak Back "T" Fitting) (0) Reviews: Write first review. Prior to reuse of a connector, inspect the inlet edge filter 8 Pcs LB7 Injector Return Line Bolt For 2001-2004 GM Duramax 2500 Diesel 6. Then tighten to specified torque. 170-180 lb-ft torque with a torque wrench, about one- injector racks must return to the no-fuel position freely half turn at a time, in the sequence shown in Fig. I do not have one system that any longer has that valve in it. Sep 07, 2011 · * INJECTOR RETURN FLOW TEST DURING ENGINE CRANKING @200 RPM WHEN THE VEHICLE WILL NOT START 1. 45. Now about removing the steel return line running down the side of the intake manifold like you Apr 24, 2010 · Take off fuel return line, make sure you don't drop the copper washer that "U's" around both sides of the return line3. Dodge Cummins diesel performance parts, rebuilt pumps, injectors and turbos for your 12 valve 5. 10, Fuel Banjo Screw (In Injector), 9, 6 Fuel Pump Mounting Nut (Bosch In-line), 43, 32. no. 6. Island Diesel offers injector lines (also called jump tubes), installation gaskets, seals, and o-rings, glow plugs, fuel pressure regulators, return line banjo bolts, and many other complementary parts for this truck. Here are the torque specs for the LB7 Duramax engine per factory Gm service manual. The injection pump mounting bolts need to be tightened to 32 ft. So I asked what is the purpose of that valve and does it need to be replaced. Lines sizes are . Some of the specs are not included, but these are ones I feel unnecessary to post such as the torque for the hose clamps on the intake. 9. Welcome to The Truck Stop! We see you haven't REGISTERED yet. 5. Fuel system parts such as FASS fuel supply pumps, fuel filters, overflow valves, shut-off solenoids, pump and injector installation seals and gaskets, and sensors. Install the low-pressure fuel supply line to pump. 2. 9 shop manual online. 7 lb·in. It still smokes LIKE CRAZY, and still knocks very badly if I put a heavy foot on the coal pedal. Lubricate the washers with diesel fuel prior to installation. How to replace fuel injectors on a Cummins 6BT 12 Mild steel fuel line set for 12 valve Dodge, pre-bent and custom fit in house to assure first time fit. High return flows or connector tube/injector problems can be pinpointed to a specific cylinder by disconnecting one injector line at a time. 3 Install: • the control valve. 13: Loosen 13mm bolts on back of head that hold bracket just behind last injector line. The 6BT used Bosch fuel systems, injector, and VE rotary pump and P7100 inline injection pumps. 17721 * assembly torque: 24185 70-80 lbf·in 24186 35-45 lbf·in 24187 20-30 lbf·in item part qty no. 2 ports drilled and tapped for EGT & Drive. Inspect the control valve for damage. I replaced the lift pump and the tank pickup assembly. 6L Duramax Return Fuel Line 8 Pcs: Fuel Injectors - Amazon. 9, B series 1991, B series 1994. 12v Sled Puller Stainless Diesel exhaust manifolds come with a bolt-on CNC ported center section. Install 9012 fitting in standard location on back of fuel filter head to measure pump and injector return flows. Use the 19mm wrench to unscrew the injector lines at the valve cover. Injector Fuel Lines Nut to Injection Pump: 25 Ft Lbs Fuel Return Line , Leak off Housing Clamp Nut: 13 Ft Lbs V Band Nut Turbocharger to Exhaust Pipe: 12 Ft  20 Feb 2015 (Then again, they were only rated at 160 horsepower/400 torque and the Dropping a valve seat is expensive, and that is what usually happens first Any injector with a return volume in the 12-14ml range during a Another length of fuel line was routed from the fuel return line to a calibrated container. Replacement of the high-pressure inlet connector is highly recommended. You will set one set of valves and one injector at each position in the sequence. 24187 * nozzle leak-off grommet no. 1 mPa of pressure within the return lines to provide proper fuel injector operation. Tighten the injection line nuts to 22 ft-lb. Standard Torque Specification. TIP: Improper injector return line pressure may cause a no-start or performance concern. Perform the “Injector Return Flow Test”. Do a preliminary tightening of these bolts to 44 in. 5 in Hg] Electrical System Minimum Recommended Battery Capacity System Voltage Ambient Temperatures-18°C [0°F] 0°C [32°F] Cold Cranking Amperes Reserve Capacity * Amperes Cold Cranking Amperes Reserve Capacity Amperes 12 Volt 1800 640 1280 480 OTC's Fuel Injector Remover Kit for Cummins Diesels includes both a connector tube remover and fuel injector puller. 10. If you're looking to get more power and torque out of your 6. Petrol and Diesel Engine, Manual and Automatic Transmission, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Interior and Exterior torque specs. ) torque. In the unlikely event of the operational failure of a DTech 5. $500 with your core pump on trade. (Continued on reverse side. Price, high to low. 4 to 1. 9 engines the return line from the filter should be long enough to loop about four inches above the filter. SKU #: TORK-OFV010-main Tork Teknology Adjustable Overflow Valve 94-98 5. The fuel line fittings at the fuel injectors should be tightened to 30 ft. Make sure to install the two hidden bolts in the lower intake manifold. 12V Products · Alarm And Security · Dash Covers, Headliners And Visor · Decals And Graphics · Featured - Interior · Floor Liners / Floor  Cummins 1994-1998 with stock - extreme horsepower modifications Torque to 40 ft. 5L Engines 12 TL-7 8 4/12/2013 9. First disconnect steel injector line cap nuts, "do not bend lines" but move them away individually enough to just get the return line caps off as a complete set per side. Price is per set of six lines. Fuel injector hold down clamp bolts 28 lbf/ft 38 Nm Fuel injector return tube nut to check valve 28 lbf/ft 38 Nm Fuel return passage plug (rear of cylinder head) 20 lbf/ft 27 Nm Fuel rail pressure sensor (FRP) Figure L Figure L Fuel supply and return tube clamp to upper oil pan 23 lbf/ft 31 Nm Rail pressure release valve opens. The '94-'95 5. Reinstall map sensor. This is a pictorial that I have been waiting to do for quite some time. Note: If you're going to do this, I strongly recommend going beyond J30R7 hose. Installation. About us · Careers · Privacy Policy · Shipping Policy · Return Policy · Terms & Conditions . Hard to start, no start, low power in cold weather: All Ram diesel built before 01/01/98 - TSB 18-06-98 diagnostic table; Fuel shutdown solenoid adjustment - check for the correct position when the solenoid is activated High return flows or connector tube / injector problems can be pinpointed to the specific cylinder by blocking off one injector line at a time at the rail. Ensure the injector bore and injector seat are Install valve through banjo fitting and into pump. Install your rockers and torque down them to 27 ft lbs. 5 - 1998. Fuel Injector Retainer Bolt 2002-2018 2. Auto Trans Valve Body Control Valve Return Spring (2) Power Steering Return Line Hose Assembly Central Multi-Port Fuel Injector Kit with Fuel Injector and Valves; Torque specs for the 24 valve Cummins engine in the Ram pickup. 31286 nozzle leak-off nut no. Do injectors require some ungodly torque to assemble? I also pulled all six rocker pedestals and had them machined for arp studs. 0L: T-40 Torx head screw, 55mm stretch bolt Order 1 screw for each injector These bolts are to be tightened in two stages. Rack Control Lever. 15. Also for: 4bt3. very good info , if you are not ,used to tighting bolts,nuts, anything it is very easy to strip or over tighten things that can lead to failure down the line. - Go to Step #12. Apr 25, 2013 · injector torque specs for a dt466e engine need the installation procedure for the injectors on a dt466e engine. The engine must not be run when the fuel return line is unions hand-tight and then tighten to torque. 11. Release Page Service Bulletin 4. Check with the manufacturer's specifications for your engine for this detail. No need for any valve in that line. Install hoses to the test fitting and the injector return line and route them to a bucket or other container. The main jet, housed in the primary bypass valve, is also included along with 2 additional jets, or pills. 14. req. Connect the injector electrical connectors to the injector stator connection. 49. quite a bit tighter than it was. Tighten to 32 N. Some early 6BTs were supplied with CAV rotary pumps This 30mm socket is designed to fit over the return line fittings onto the nozzle. With all the information flying around about the quality of replacement nozzles for the Mercedes diesel, I was especially pleased to run across the Italian made Bosio nozzles. A simple design with unmatched reliability, tremendous performance potential and rugged, million-mile durability sums up the appeal of the 12-valve 5. Removing and installing injectors (solenoid valves) . $30. So it is not adjusted at this point. 9 L; 359. Water In Fuel Sensor O-Ring. You’ll get the best products at the lowest prices here. Install the injector return connectors and hose. Call us on 479-431-6724 / 479-799-3953. Ensure the injector bore and injector seat are Buy DEF LB7 Injector Return Line Bolt for 2001-2004 GM 2500 Diesel 6. hydraulic injector, what force holds the nozzle valve on its seat? function of an injector leak off line? Oct 16, 2017 · We install 100 horsepower, 45 percent over, performance fuel injectors in our Silverado 2500HD project truck! Dynomite Diesel Products LB7 Duramax Fuel Injectors. 0–8. 8. Not only is the inline-six known for its awesome stock torque figures, but the 1,100 pound iron hulk from Columbus, Indiana has a Jan 18, 2019 · Now with an inch-pound torque wrench, tighten the injector hold down to first 30 inch-pounds, then do final tightening to 79 inch lbs. The question to a popular Rebuilder about the current 180 problem I was told to remove that valve. Install the injection lines and torque the injection line nuts to 30 ft-lb (41 Nm). With a reputation for innovation, quality, and service, our products push the limits of diesel performance technology. 9L Cummins 12V Gen II engines produced 175 hp, the '96-'97 produced 215 hp and the '98 was at 235 hp. Install the injector return banjo bolts and washers. Remove the turbo cooling return line holes clamp and the hose itself. It is a direct replacement for the Cummins® 12V overflow valve. Duramax Gaskets and Seals provide all the necessary parts to do the job with the best price for the job you need for sale online. There were few changes made to the engine in the 1994 5. 16164 fuel line ferrule no. Nitro Type Metering Valve The idle check valve should be installed where the housing is marked "RET". 7L & 3. Nov 12, 2005 · 20. Remove the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) catch tank from the PCV bracket and the bolt below holding lower line and place it out of the way. Will This Fit Your Rig? 1994-1998 5. CUM3924726. The return side is under pressure. To complete the system, you will need ram tubes, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel shutoff valve and, possibly, a hi-speed bypass valve. Fuel Injector Nozzles (12 Hamilton 12-Valve Cummins P7100 View and Download CUMMINS 5. 9 engines. 47. This will cause the engine to stall after about 30 seconds of running if the air is able to travel into the fuel filter. Install the six high-pressure fuel lines to the top of pump. Once the spurting fuel is consistent (not just random bubbles), use the 5/8″ wrench to tighten the end of the injector line on the injector. Cylinder head: Tighten the screws in sequence from the center and outwards. Kent-Moore J-29873 3/8" Drive Injector Nozzle Socket - 6. hit the light-duty truck market in 1989 with 160 horsepower and 400 ft/lbs of torque. Torque banjo bolt to 35 N·m (26 lb·ft). Water in Fuel Sensor 2001-2011, Duramax. 7. Hand start all bolts, then torque evenly to 89 inch lbs. 13. b. Top Brands Check out a list of all manufacturers we carry. Install the turbocharger wastegate line and AFC sensing line at the pump. 12V Torque Specs . Catch the washer on the inside. i have went through another thread and i put grease on the injector when i pulled it to try sealing it better, i took sand paper to it, i torqued it to just a lil tighter then the stock specs. Camshaft Thrust Plate Bolt. Fuel return line to accumulator. Small Injector Return Line Seal 2001-2004. 5 131406360 3 injector assembly 6 131606960 1 return line 7 131507601 1 injection line (n843) 131501030 1 injection line (n843l) 8 131507611 1 injection line (n843) 131501040 1 injection line (n843l) 9 131507621 1 injection line (n843) 131501050 1 injection line (n843l) 10 199106021 4 clamp 11 010110625 2 m6 x 25, 8. 43. *NOTE* Injector installation torque is critical to injector life and performance. Disconnect the fuel tubes from the injectors using an injector fuel line socket such as Mac #COBR17, Matco #WCFM1517 or Snap-On #FRXM17. 0 mm. Had to take my Dremel and a cutting disk to the Oetiker clamp on one end of supply line. I put it back on with a 1/4" drive. 42. I performed this on my 81' 300td last night and got very good results. The valve has no internal serviceable parts and must be replaced as an Industrial Injection 12 Valve Cummins Performance Injectors originate from new OE injectors for high quality and reliable performance. 4 Installation of the Air Compressor 12 08-10 All information 9. $1,150. If you are running our 715, 753, 864, injector for your 12 Valve Dodge? You can tighten the nozzle spray angle to a tighter degree by using these . 14: Remove 13mm bolt from rear fuel line holder. Part# 3903380 12. 2L and 6. DDC-SVC-MAN-0081 41. Silverado 2500HD. 9L 6BT Cummins came out of the box with 230hp, 440 lb-ft of torque and a P7100 inline injection pump. 16. No >> Go to Step #9. org > Main > Diesel Index > Specs > 1998 - 2001 > Mastertech > Torque Specs Be the first to review “12 Valve Return Line Washer” Cancel reply. Using the paper towel, wipe the dribbling fuel off. Price, low to high. The correct tools and service manuals for performing the repair procedures will be needed. Refer to • Fuel filter header assembly with fuel feed and return lines • Cold start line for electrical shut-off applications • Crank pulley with retaining bolt and washer • Thermostat housing and thermostat • Injector return line and banjos • Exhaust manifold • Intake manifold • 100% new pistons, rings, bearings, seals, gaskets LONG Nov 21, 2016 · Looking at the valve where all the return lines connect to going back to the gas tank is where I'm getting confused. When you can clearly see evidence of fuel spitting from each line stop cranking the engine, close the fuel bleed valve, release the decompression knob, and tighten up the nuts holding the injector lines. 44. Securing engine on engine and gearbox support VAS 6095 . NW Fuel offers injector lines (also called jump tubes), installation gaskets, seals, and o-rings, glow plugs, fuel pressure regulators, return *NOTE* Injector installation torque is critical to injector life and performance. 9L Dodge 12 Valve; 1988 - 1993 5. fuel option standard diesel fuel wvo & biodiesel fuel. Any Ideas? Jun 22, 2009 · i put a 12 valve in the truck a few months ago and it has been leaking since installed. Nov 27, 2013 · that debris does not enter into the fuel supply or return galleries. Duramax Injector The 5,883 cc (5. • feed Buy With Confidence Extensive Selection Covering all of your truck accessory and performance parts needs. 11 Reasons Why the 12-Valve Cummins Is the Ultimate Diesel Engine. Take care to connect each electrical connector to the proper cylinder location. Jan 26, 2009 · That line comes from a restictor elbo valve on the gear pump which is a check valve made to check air from coming up the line and draining the fuel when shut down. Injector Diagram: Torque Specs 15mm Nozzle Retaining Nut - 22 ftlbs 10mm Injector Bleed-off bolt - 6 ftlbs 24mm Injector Retaining Took forever to remove the return-line clamp under the intake box. Check the rail pressure limiter valve for leakage. The quicker you torque it down, the less likely the fuel is going to work its way out of the crack, and the less likely it will lose its prime. Image of Fuel Injection Return Line Gskt Kit : Part number 904-103 FEL-PRO Valve Cover Gasket VS50822R The gaskets should be replaced any time the fuel injectors are serviced. 46. -lb. 4. Cummins 89-93. May 21, 2019 · Hino H07C H07CT H07D H07DT H07E H07ET Engine Specifications II, Hino Diesel Engine Parts. 9 L. ) In the top of the injector is what is known as a spool valve. 95 shipping. • the feed line from the fuel filter (3). 9 Engine pdf manual download. Low Prices Everyday See it for less? fuel line connector nut no. 6L Duramax Diesel LB7 01-04 Fuel Injector Installation Kit with Valve cover Gaskets Ensure that the fuel cutoff valve is open. After removal of the complete return cap and lines sets, build new sets identical. Scroll to Dec 07, 2008 · How to install fuel injector on 1997 Dodge Cummins 12 valve engine? We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 12V ARP Headstud Torque (ARP247-4203) 12V ARP 625 Headstud Torque (ARP247-4205) 24v/CR Torque Specs 24V Vp44 ARP Headstud Torque (ARP247-4202) 24V Vp44 ARP 625 Headstud Torque (ARP247-4204) Dec 28, 2011 · In talking to some local guys and other sources, I'm being told having a fuel return to the tank from a carb will help its drivability and performance. Reinstall the injector harness and tighten all the nuts on the injector solenoids. 9L injector, complete warranty information can be found at dtechproducts. The 12-valve is the first generation of the 5. Injector RemovalFirst step of the injector removal is to loosen and remove the bolts that are in the leak off rail to theinjector. Install fuel line hold down bracket at rear of fuel rail, and torque to 18ft lbs. See Figure "N2 Electronic Unit Injector Solenoid Torque Sequence". Torque to 7 Nm (62 inch lbs), then an additional 90 d Apr 16, 2018 · • the feed line from the fuel filter (3). With one end of the control tube return spring hooked around an injector rack control lever and the other end hooked around a control tube bracket, tighten the bracket bolts to 10-12 lb-ft torque . Banjo Bolt Sealing Washer. Standard resistance: 11. 25. Camshaft Gear Bolt. Carefully lower the manifold into place. Bottom injector adjusting screw with a screwdriver. 5 lb–ft NOTE: Valve clearance is adjusted after all parts are assembled. 17. The cummins up date ask not to tee into the return line but never did know why unless they thought it may put some back pressure on the return of the injectors. • Generation 2, Inline 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, 12 Valve • 175-235 HP, 420-460 lbs-ft torque . Once tightened, congratulate ARP Torque Specs and more Here are some diesel torque specs for your convenience: Dodge Cummins, Chevy Duramax, and Ford Powerstroke. com or dipaco. I purchased a new valve cover gasket (the hard plastic thick one with the bead of rubber). No diesel engine on earth is as legendary as a 12-valve Cummins. 9L Dodge Cummins 12 Valve. Mercedes Injector Nozzle Replacement . 9–12 N–m Tightening torque for camshaft (0. It will pull out if you are extremely lucky, otherwise, you need to screw something over the top of the injector threads so you have something to pull the injector with, pulling on any part of FOR 12 VALVE 5. 2 kg–m) Page 86 3) Tighten bolts and nuts to specified torque. A 3 6 13. 8 hex bolt 12 023100006 2 m6 On a Cummins 12 valve you can loosen the injector line, and hold down nuts for the delivery valves, and turn each delivery valve clockwise until it stops. 9 and 7. description 1 28753 1 seat, spring 2 28564 1 spring, pressure adjusting I replaced the little wire harness under the valve cover for the Glow Plugs and the injectors. Remove the bracket and support Is there a torque spec for the bolt holding the oil divertor on the clamp? Is there a torque spec for the valve cover bolts? (I thought they were on really tight. 16166 nozzle leak-off cap no. Description. Corsa D > Vauxhall Workshop Manuals > J Engine and Engine Aggregates > Cooling System > Specifications > Torque Guide Values. Okay, in response to my own post, I unplugged the FCV. When installing nozzles remove only one injector at a time to ensure that injectors are placed back into the same cylinder. Other new and used parts for Dodge Ram Cummins diesel trucks. Camshaft Position Sensor Exciter Ring Bolt. To remove old orings use a dental or oring pick with a razor knife, do not mark the injector Check the return back-pressure valve located in the injector return line connection banjo bolt located at the rear of the cylinder head for contamination, replace or clean as needed. (We don't share ANY data with ANYONE) Now we're going to go back with our rocker arm. lbs. replaced the fuel filter (full of fuel) I start the truck, and after 4 or 5 minutes it dies. Bolt-Injector Control Shaft Bracket. they are the stock injectors. On most models, this will be the forward-most injector on the engine. Last I can remember is was a couple of dollars a foot at a independent imports parts place. If Nov 06, 2008 · While cranking the engine over, watch for diesel fuel to spurt out of the ends of the loosened injector lines. Always cap the injector and fuel lines when disconnected, to prevent contamination. Torque specifications for Cummins B series 1991-1994 engines. Start new bolts to hold the EGR valve and gasket in place. Performance parts from BD, DDP 4. I'm not sure if this is sized for 3/16" hose or 1/4" hose. Remove the fuel line bundle for injectors 1, 2 and 3, then rotate the fuel bundle for injectors 4, 5 and 6 down to gain additional clearance at the rear of the pump (Figure 7). Hold screw and torque lock nut to 45 lb. 0 cu in) 6BT, also known as the Cummins "12-valve" (since it has 2 valves per cylinder) was the first member of the "B" engine family to be used in a light truck vehicle. 9L 12 Valve Dodge Cummins. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Jul 17, 2015 · Dd15 engine torque spec 1. 9, 6bt5. Fuel Injectors, LB7. Either take the check valve out of the line and plumb the return directly into the IP or take a hammer and punch and knock the glass ball out of the check valve. If you like to do 12 and then take it to 27, or take a straight to 27, then we'll run rack on or we'll run top side and check our valve clearances. Break the torque with a wrench on the fuel bolt of the last injector in the series to get fuel. The ‘P’ Pump return line and the Injector Fuel Bleed return line must be combined and Does not leak when correct torque is used. Unscrew hold down nut, 15/16". #N#A/C Compressor Bolt. ie stretched threads are not good for critical torque specs and under torqueing is as bad or worse, seasoned mechs can do most things by hand but still rely on torque #s for critical settings ie heads,crank bearings etc. Small Injector Return Line Seal, Duramax 2001-2004, Pack of 3. Was this review helpful? Injector Seal and Return Line Kit. ) in the sequence shown. Install the engine oil supply line and fuel return line/overflow valve to pump. turn the injector adjusting screw in and bottom the injector plunger 3 to 4 times to remove fuel. Thin copper washer for 12 Valve Cummins Injectors. Is a single injector the cause of the white smoke and/or miss? a. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. There is a check valve where the return line goes into the top of the pump. 9 Diagnostics PDF: 1994-1998 Dodge 12 Valve Diagnostic. 5 12 Valve ApplicationsCummins 12 Valve Injector Install Kit includes:(6) Injector Dust Seal (6) Joined banjo washers for return connections(18) Copper Chamber (Tip) Gaskets (7 mm)NOTE: There are three sets of copper washers included - each is a different thickness. The short overall socket length allow easy access tothe rear cylinder nozzles using a standard 3/8 drive ratchet. 5mm washers. Only way to start it is to refill the filter then it dies again. m (24 ft. 24. Charged Air Cooler Clamp. The new valve seems to have made my engine run smoother. 093" (. Also, many of the parts are listed as what GM calls them which can be Jul 12, 2008 · I have a 94 12 valve cummins that is running out of fuel. Example Injectors and Pump: Install whatever you believe to be causing the one of the lines to remove tubes ), remove necessary high-pressure connectors from cylinder head. $23. 21. Remove the rubber hoses attached to the Injector Pump Return line. What do you know, suddenly the engine has some power again. Get information about the 12 valve Cummins and more and Pure Diesel Power. Screw- Aftercooler Adaptor. 23. 0x90. At this point, you can feel it by hand: you will find that the temperature of the common rail return line is 50 °C higher than the temperature inside the common rail. With Stock Mechanical Lift Pump. Screw-Inj. Maximum Allowable Return Line Restriction with Check Valves and/or Overhead Tanks . If you own a 1998 Dodge Ram Cummins, you may actually have a 12 Valve or a 24 Valve Cummins engine, and it is VERY important to know which engine you have, if you do not already. Remove mounting bolts, then slide fuel injector hold down clamps to rear, up and over mounting bolt. PCV Valve Kit, 2001-2005, Duramax. 9L Cummins inline 6-cylinder. 95 . 6L Duramax, these diesel performance injectors are a great solution to upgrade your power at a great price. 6L LB7 Duramax engine. Torque screws to 2 N·m (17. Torque banjo bolt to 15 N·m (11 lb·ft). 44 Exhaust Valve Spring free length with type A Inspect fuel injector assembly. description 1 28753 1 seat, spring 2 28564 1 spring, pressure adjusting Oct 23, 2010 · Leave the injector side of the #1 high pressure fuel lines loose to facilitate ‘bleeding’ the air out of the system. The bolts were not very tight when I took it off. 2001-2004. Remove fuel injectors and gaskets. Test for high injector return flow. Basically so there is always fuel pressure and flow at the carb and the excess is returned to the tank to allow for sudden changes in throttle without stumble or leaning out. Charged Air Cooler Bolt. Sep 07, 2015 · Photo 12/25 | Duramax Injector Line With the lower valve cover off, Jason then takes out the injector return line, being careful not to strip any of the bolts that secure it. Air Conditioning Compressor/Power Steering Pump Bracket Bolt. 5 GMC / Chevrolet (injectors UNDER valve cover) Fuel return Banjo bolt to head: 12 lb-ft. The fuel line from the pump should be connected to the fitting marked "IN". 078" through . Details about 8 Pcs Automotive Fuel Injector return line banjo 2020 04:42:12 PDT These banjo bolts connect the fuel return rail under the valve cover to the I had somewhat hard time finding certain torque specs online. 2. For the 5mm long thread fitting, torque to 15 N·m (11 lb·ft). Its a super smooth inside Sep 30, 2011 · This squeezes oil from the injector so that you're making the adjustment against injector return spring pressure and not fluid or hydraulic pressure. 9L 6BT Cummins. Our torque value for our rocker arm for on the exhaust side is going to be 27 foot pounds. Jun 09, 2016 · The return flow is gravity flow back to tanks. 9L CUMMINS POWERED Properly torque the fitting. Metal low pressure return line from the overflow valve cracked. Line set is pre-clamped. Engine Install Manual 1KD-FTV - 14 17. Shut the tank valve, remove the line at the filter inlet and holding a suitable container to catch the diesel fuel, open the valve. Now reinstall your the injector connector tube and tighten to 50 ft lbs. Dodge / Cummins 5. (61 n•m). Shop injectors, delivery valves, lift pumps, and more from the best diesel parts manufacturers. 9–1. Dipaco is a leading manufacturer of high quality replacement 1998 5. Connect a fuel line to May 23, 2019 · Isuzu 6RB1 6RB1T Engine Specifications and Torque Values Page 5 of 6 Intake Valve Spring free length with type A pistons in Inches 2. 9L 12 Valve Injector Return Line to Fuel Filter Banjo Sealing Was The fuel filter drain valve mounting screws need only 30 to 40 inch-pounds of torque. /lbs. A gasket or silicone seal must be used between the injector and the supercharger. Remove the upper radiator hose at the outlet pipe. Valve Inj. Torque specs for the 24 valve Cummins engine in the Ram pickup ISB Torque Specs DodgeRam. 0L Diesel SPECIFICATIONS General fuel line connector nut no. Bolt Oil Pan (Low Pan or in Aluminum Flywheel Housing and Front Cover) Bolt-Blower Drive Assembly Thrust Collar. There are lots of information on the internet and in service manuals about the IDI torque specs. Corsa D > Vauxhall Workshop Manuals > J Engine and Engine Aggregates > Fuel Injection Systems > Multijet 6JO > Specifications > Torque Guide Values I've not looked closely at the crd's return lines but VW diesels uses a very small (3mm?) fuel grade return line that daisey chains from injector to injector. One coil is used to open the oil circuit and the other is used to close the oil circuit. Description: Bosch Fuel Injector Return Line T-Fitting (Leak Back "T" Fitting) Custom Spacing 5 Port Nitrous Solenoid Fuel Block -8AN Over -10AN Feed. The 12-valve 5. Too tight?) Last question: What is the best way to turn the engine over by hand? 6 6C541 Valve rocker bridge 7 6518 Valve spring retainer key 8 6514 Valve spring retainer 9 6513 Valve spring 10 6571 Valve stem seal 11 9F538 Fuel injector nozzle sleeve 12 6584 Valve rocker arm cover gasket 13 6049 Cylinder head assembly 14 9F538 Glow plug sleeve 15 9431 Exhaust manifold 16 9A461 Exhaust manifold-to-cylinder head spacer Fleece Performance Engineering is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket diesel performance products. DTech 5. Shop now and save on the best products for your 1994-1998 Dodge Ram 12 valve Cummins diesel truck. 1 12 8-10 SUBJECT DATE Air Compressor Drive Gear Nut Torque December 2010 Additions, Revisions, or Updates Publication Number / Title Platform Section Title Change DDC-SVC-MAN-0080 DD Specifications Information about the air compressor drive gear nut torque is added to this procedure. 30. 6 To 12. For use on 1998-1/2 thru 2002 Dodge pickups and vans with 5. After 14 months of testing, Tork Teknology is releasing the world's first ADJUSTABLE over flow valve for the Cummins 12 valve, equipped with the P pump. 00 . 9L Injector Installation Kit for 1991. Remove the alternator bracket. Nov 14, 2015 · Today I am replacing the stock fuel injectors on a 95 Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel with a set of 300HP Bosch units from Pure Diesel Power. 12: Disconnect 19mm high pressure lines from injector connector tubes. com Cummins Fuel Return Line Check Valve. That person didn't know. 7 Cummins Injectors; Injector high pressure connector tube (feed tube) not seated in injector, bad tube or improper torque (final 42 ft lbs) on nut. NOTE: Due to low fuel flow in the injector amplifier and needle return lines, air can be better Mar 29, 2009 · If it's not pumping fuel there is a shadetree fix that will fix it about 75% of the time. On 12 valves, it will read "2500" or "3500" and directly below that, it will say 23. Rebuilt P7100 injection pumps, injectors and turbos, stock and performance versions available. Many boats have this type of bilge drain valve. block the high pressure fuel line at the rail, one injector at a time. The easiest way to check is the factory badging on the front doors of the truck. 9L, 24-valve Cummins turbocharged diesel engines. If the engine accelerates up to 1700 rpm, and the fault light is on, the fault code read out is: the rail pressure release valve is open. 9L engine. On DDEC II injectors only, etch the last four digits of injector part number on the load plate. 15 W2005955 Install EGR valve oil line and torque-tighten to specification. Jun 17, 2014 · List of all Volvo S60 (2000 to 2009) and V70 (2000 to 2007) bolts and nuts tightening torque specifications. NOTICE! Plug all connections to exclude dirt (885510 Plugs). (12) Connect fuel line latch clip and fuel line to We have stock and Stage 1 high-performance 2001 - 2004 Duramax LB7 injectors for sale for the 6. Wasted time I could have been putting my truck back together so since I found it now figured I would share and hopefully help out someone else looking for those 'odd' specs! :stupidcomputer: 2003 6. Always remove the injector by turning the 30mm hex portion of the injector; turning the round portion will damage the injector. On 6. Reinstall valve cover, then intake plenum. This engine featured 160hp & 400ft-lbs of torque. This is the injector im getting bubbles out of, however it had a few thousand miles on it leak free prior to parking it. 62 Limit 2. 22 May 2019 Isuzu 6RB1 6RB1T Engine Specifications and Torque Values. Each fuel injector has a six-digit alphanumeric correction code. 9L injectors are covered by a 12 month, unlimited mileage, limited warranty. Fluid flows thru them by gravity. Caution: Keep the injector away from sparks during the test. Jul 13, 2012 · Disconnect fuel supply line from fuel filter head to supply manifold, then the fuel return line. Type the characters you see in the picture above. 120" lines are only available in stainless steel) We do recommend painting these lines if you live in a high salt environment as they may rust over does anyone know the torque specs for the return line bolts, retainer bolts, high pressure fuel lines etc for injector replacement need asap thanks 12 lb ft Fuel Torque specifications for Cummins B series 1991-1994 engines. Remove mounting bolts, supply manifold and gasket, then the ICP sensor. These are the banjo bolts that attach the return line to the injector. Reconnect fuel return line with washers, and torque to 22ft lbs. It will be the last overflow valve you ever buy! Order yours today and take advantage of $1. bolt into the injector clamp and torque using the Check Valve 12. torque. Install new gaskets to the cylinder heads and new seals to the engine block. The spool valve is controlled by two 48-volt, 20-amp coils that direct oil flow in and out of the injector. Camshaft Position Sensor Bolt. Inside the tanks at the very end of the returns is what many call a duck bill valve. 3 engines is at the injector return cap o-rings and hoses. NW Fuel offers injector lines (also called jump tubes), installation gaskets, seals, and o-rings, glow plugs, fuel pressure regulators, return line banjo bolts, and many other complementary parts for this truck. Install exhaust valve cross-overs, in same order they were removed. Connect the coolant line to the cylinder head. Yes >> Replace that injector and HPC. You should have a CONTINUOUS rush/flow of fuel out of the line. If it dribbles or is intermittent, check the fuel cap for a blockage of the fuel vent or the strainer upstream of the valve for clogging. If rust, contamination or metal particles are found the fuel system must be cleaned Torque the injector return pipe banjo bolts to 12 ft-lb (16 Nm). 11: Disconnect fuel return line from pressure limiting valve, and bend gently out of the way. The following information has been put together to help you troubleshoot complaints and to better understand the basic operation of the engine and fuel system. a. lines should also be used to help flow the increased fuel to the injectors. trucks because you can run more timing without having the injector spray outside the piston bowl. By modifying new injectors, no core is required and they're backed by a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty! LB7 Aftermarket Fastener Torque Specs Return Pipe Eye Bolt - Injector Side 12 lb ft Fuel Return Pipe Sleeve Nut 12. injector nozzle installation. There is one side effect by doing this however. 3 IDI Torque Specs and Bolt Dimensions, with Images. 0 On the fuel system return side, the return lines are now equipped with snap-in connections. A pressure retention valve maintains 0. Fits 1994-1998 12 valve Dodge Cummins 5. With the EGR valve near the exhaust manifold ports, remove mounting bolts then slip a new metal gasket between the valve and the exhaust manifold. 0 Baro Sensor and Coolant Return Line Assembly 8 N·m Fuel Feed Line and Injector Harness Bracket 10 N·m Valve Body to Case 12 5 M6x1. 00 $1. Your truck knowledge is missing! Registration is FREE, all we need is your birthday and email. T-6 12 Valve MONSTER FOOT Stainless Diesel Cummins Exhaust manifold. Our Stainless exhaust mainfolds are made with shell molding. The fuel tank mounting nuts need to be tightened to 30 ft. Install the doser injection valve coolant lines to the EGR cooler water manifold assembly. Measure the resistance between the injector terminals. 120" lines are only available in stainless steel) We do recommend painting these lines if you live in a high salt environment as they may rust over Mild steel fuel line set for 12 valve Dodge, pre-bent and custom fit in house to assure first time fit. injectors. The TorkTek adjustable overflow valve is second to none. Joe _____ Chapter 21 Injector Nozzles. 9–12 N–m Tightening torque for water 0. back. Water In Fuel Sensor Wrench. For the 15mm long thread fitting, torque to 22 N·m (16 lb·ft). There is a return line running from the #1 cap back to the fuel filter as well but has both green and red clamps on it Baro Sensor and Coolant Return Line Assembly 8 N·m Fuel Feed Line and Injector Harness Bracket 10 N·m Valve Body to Case 12 5 M6x1. Buy 6. it wont leak now at an idle or when it is free reved, but under a load it still leaks Apr 20, 2013 · Bought 2 overflow valves for my trucks because they do go bad. CAUTION:The pressure of the fuel in the line is sufficient to penetrate the skin and cause serious bodily harm. Inspect the injector injection. Volvo Trucks North America Date Group No. com in the Warranty area. Silverado 3500HD. PLEASE NOTE: THE OFV010 and 020 ARE NOT TO BE USED WITH A FASS OR AIR DOG PUMP. Fueling and Fuel Components for 2nd Gen 12 Valve Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Trucks. -ft. You might want to check that out. Install the camshaft housing. This unique 17 mm 12 point flare nut socket and deep crows foot gives the technician the ability to remove various injector lines. Exhaust Manifold · Exhaust Tips · Injectors and Nozzles · Nozzles · Air Intake · Engine Parts · Fuel Tank · Gaskets / Seals · Fuel Systems  12. Crankshaft, Engine, Heads, Injector Pump, Oil Cooler, Thermostat, Water Pump. Purchase Tork Teknology Adjustable Overflow Valve 94-98 5. It will take two complete revolutions of the accessory drive pulley. 9 & 7. Back out screw two flats (120°). Replace the seal rings and connect the fuel injector spill line to the cylinder head. Follow the torque sequence, starting in the center, then working outwards in a circle. 22. Tighten high pressure supply line to 22ft lbs. Install the injector return pipe assembly. Injector/Engine Operation Issues N2 Electronic Unit Injector Solenoid Torque Sequence. If the cascade over flow valve is bad this can send fuel out the return line instead of to the  Maximum Allowable Return Line Restriction Must Not Exceed Do not operate the engine at full throttle below peak torque engirie speed (1100 to 1600 rpm, depending on Cummins engines are designed to operate successfully at full throttle under transient at the injectors and cranking the engine to allow entrapped. Install the hold-down bracket bolt and torque it to 33 ft-lb (50 Nm). The connector tube MUST be removed before the injector to prevent damage occuring to both components. 12 Valve Injector Dust Seal. Injector Related Items, LB7. These only turn a little bit, but quite a bit more fuel can be had. Flashcards. Looking at the back of the injection pump, top is 12 o’clock, battery is 9, unscrew the 6, 7:30, and 9:45 injector lines and remove (should be cylinders 1,2, and 4). 165 mm Hg [6. It connects the fuel return line (banjo fitting) to the pump. The overflow valve (pressure relief valve) is located at the outside of fuel injection pump. Every single problem that has plagued the Bosch design has been SOLVED, including eroded seats and broken springs. Engine Install Manual 1KD-FTV - 15 18. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Buy DEF LB7 Injector Return Line Bolt for 2001-2004 GM 2500 Diesel 6. Jan 09, 2016 · Injector Disassembly, Cleaning & Inspection Cleanliness is very important, any dirt or debris that get inside the injector will wear on the tight tolerance parts. Banjo Fitting Fuel Injector Clamp Bolts, 10, 89. Adjust valves and injectors in the same cylinder follow-ing the procedures in 1 through 7 With the advent of high pressure injection, the need to replace and correctly torque the injector lines has become more critical. Overflow Valve Removal. 1. 15 Sep 2015 This especially includes the fuel injectors, high-pressure fuel rail by removing the injector lines, supply line and return line and completely the 5-Star™ torque converter, ATS High Performance Valve Body and ATS High. You can do that torque in two steps if you'd like. Connecting Rod Cap Bolt - Angular Tightening Method. Install the EGR vent (de-aeration) line to the EGR cooler water manifold assembly. 5 LB7 Torque Specs. 1988-1998 Dodge Cummins Diesel 12 Valve Injector Return Line Banjo Bolt 3905307. Tighten lines to 30 Nm (22 ft lb) torque. (10 Nm). 4 Ù at 20°c (68°f) If the result is not as specified, replace the injector. Number 4 from image ONLY! Very Good Average Fair Poor. The correction code is printed on the intake side of the fuel injector (1) and is used to identify injector calibration. 2016 200 321 12 2(50) Specifications General Weights and Dimensions Engine type In-line direct injection diesel DURAMAXLLY LBZ and LMMInjector Return Rail KitINCLUDES:(3) 'T' return connectors(1) 90 degree return connector(4) Return connector O-rings(4) Return connector retaining clips (GM P/N 97359750)Return Line Hose sufficient for one sideThis Duramax fuel return line kit includes enough parts to service one side of the engine and works on either the Jun 02, 2013 · To do this, first you need to lift the tappet cover overthe injector tops, and then slide it out towards the drivers side. 9L 12 Valve Cummins Steel Oversized Fuel Injection Line Kit- Pre- 5. Mar 14, 2014 · I have since replaced the hard line and swapped the body out for the new one. 9L Cummins, but there were significant developments made to the fuel system. Free Shipping on orders over $150! P7100 Return Line fits 1994-1998 12 Valve Cummins. Basically, you have the spool valve in the middle with a coil on each end. Industrial offers different power options to meet the fueling demands of almost any build. Torque the injector return pipe banjo bolts to 12 ft-lb (16 Nm). 2 Remove the control valve. The bleep(s) that came up with these fuel line routings should be bludgeoned to death with a P7100 pump. Tighten the high Pressure line at the injector. Bolt-Cam Follower Guide. Hand tighten the lines. Injector Leak Off Washer Gasket. Regular fuel hose has a short life, use fuel injection line. Motor Information Systems Using GM special tool J-29873, remove the injector. Remove the 19mm banjo return valve from the VP44. The last question for now is the removal of the valve on the injector return line. A mechanical fuel injection system from Hilborn includes the manifold, nozzles, barrel valve, and hoses. STUDY. free shipping on orders over $150! shop now for cummins 3905307 x6 12v fuel injector return line banjo set 1994-1998 Second Gen Dodge 12 Valve 5. The upper check valve is the high pressure pump relief and should also have a return line. 12 valve injector return line torque

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